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The Bizarro Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yesterday was the Fourth of July. Independence Day is not my favorite holiday. In fact, it’s my least favorite holiday, not because I lack patriotic fervor and not because I hate fireworks (although I do hate fireworks if they’re directly over my head)—no, not for either of those reasons. I certainly don’t hate the music,… Continue reading The Bizarro Yankee Doodle Dandy

Slow: Kashgar to Aksu

            There are many ways to get from Kashgar, China’s westernmost city, to Aksu, about 300 miles to the east. If you left on train #7558, you would arrive in Aksu 9 hours and 28 minutes later. On this slowest and cheapest of the railroad options, a ticket costs only ¥53, or about US$8.… Continue reading Slow: Kashgar to Aksu

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I don’t know what a jetpack is. If I put it on my back, will I be able to fly to the moon? I think I might like the moon.