Miss Smith, the Queen, and the Coronation Scrapbook

“Once in a lifetime,” Miss Smith told us. “Or maybe twice.” She was our fifth-grade teacher, and she wanted to make sure we paid attention to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England, which would be happening in about a month. We knew that Princess Elizabeth was now the queen of England, but the… Continue reading Miss Smith, the Queen, and the Coronation Scrapbook

Slow: Kashgar to Aksu

            There are many ways to get from Kashgar, China’s westernmost city, to Aksu, about 300 miles to the east. If you left on train #7558, you would arrive in Aksu 9 hours and 28 minutes later. On this slowest and cheapest of the railroad options, a ticket costs only ¥53, or about US$8.… Continue reading Slow: Kashgar to Aksu

Green Hair & Jam

A couple of weeks ago, as I was scrolling through the news items on Poetry Daily’s website, I came upon Ruth Weiss’s obituary. Although I didn’t know who Ruth Weiss was, the thumbnail in the news feed immediately caught my attention. Ruth Weiss, who was, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, a “trailblazing poet in… Continue reading Green Hair & Jam

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my blog. It’s been more than a few months, but I’m back with a newly designed blog on a new platform. All posts from the old blog are either on my Home page or in the Archives. New posts coming soon. Let’s stay in touch.


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